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  • Hi Guys

    I am having the most basic problem of getting an animation to return to the start once played. It plays to the last frame but will not go back to frame 0 once done.

    I have the same setting I have used numerous times before but it will not work.

    Could someone plz take a look as it is really bugging me now as to what I am missing.


    many thanks

  • I think you forgot to put the "loop" property to "yes".

    Select de sprite, double click, select de "default" animation and in the properties panel (in the left) chose loop - yes.

  • Hi Mpbento, thx for the advice

    already tried that and it just doesn't stop, not sure if something is bugged as it doesnt seem to matter what frame i ask it to end on it still ends on the same frame.

  • Fixed capx.

    Like mpbento at first I thought you were talking about loop.

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  • sorry if my request did not explain properly. thank you very much for the help.

    any ideas why it just wouldnt go back to the start of the animation anyway

  • Why should it go back to the first frame by default?

    You play an animation from frame 0 to frame n... then the animation stop (unless you made it loop) so it's logicall that it stop at the end.. the frame n.

    If you want the animation to go back to frame 0, you should have an event that tell it so.

    On animation finished -> set frame to 0.

  • And a stop animation action, like in the fixed capx, to prevent the animation to keep up from the frame 0 (that is to say play a full cycle again).

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