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  • My animations i don't believe are being pinned correctly. They are often below the player. I am unsure how to fix these kind of errors. Can someone give me a guide or a tutorial?

    1,2,3,4 to change the character btw.

  • I have no idea how to do the pin thing or the orgin to make it work with the animations i have.

  • sorry but i didn't understand anything ^^ can you do some pictures?

  • zsangerous, If you have a look at the cap i provided, you can see that the animation aren't on top of the blocks. They are appearing in it and under the block.

  • Ok ... for each animation try this ...

    edit first image ...

    tool (assign origin point ... -[|]- )

    on the origin point -> quick assign center (middle sorry)

    and after "apply to whole animation"

  • It sorts of fixs them but they still appear in/on the block. They dont go under it anymore.

  • No other solution?

  • If they don't go any more under the solid block it's a good news so it fix some problems ... perhaps there was a size problem with your animations frames not using the same ... unfortunatly i never use solid platform like system so i have no magic answer to give you ... when changing horse always increase Y value to make fall a little from the "sky".

    I think solid system use also collision points and you have probably some of them not good at all because the guess C2 polygons function is poor ... so try first to override this doing a simple square using 4 collision points around the first image of each animation and then apply this square to whole animation using the same system as for origin points ... i'm pretty sure the result will be better.

  • I couldn't understand what you said. Most of them are around the same size. Maybe Nimtrix might be able to help me out here.

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  • Instead of setting the origin of the sprites (fluttershy), instead assign it to the bottom for the 'Player' as well as fluttershy. This way, all animation's contact point is consistent.

    One bug I noticed with your game right now is in the Flying state, your player will randomly teleport, so sometimes it causes problems later when the player runs out of stamina and lands back.

  • What you mean the flying state that he teleports?

  • And I've found another bug with this animation when he flies he gets stuck in thin air and sortas float above the ground after flying.

  • that's exactly the bug I've faced. Try turning the Player sprite to visible, you will see that's teleporting randomly, thus sometimes causing the flutteryshy to appear to float.

  • Hmm... Any idea how do i stop it from doing this?

  • You're not actually pinning fluttershy to the player. You're setting it's position every tick.


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