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  • hi

    i have an small issue in my project. i have an some sprite images. by clicking that sprite images it ahs to get some particles effect like line, suppose if i'm clicking 2 images then for these 2 images one line mark has to come, but for me it taking to some other angle,can any one help me please.

  • A problem with the last function, however it's not clear what you want to do. Are you trying to cross out a number? Also, why do all of your number sprites have the same name?

  • hi

        i want that selecting the numbers with the line mark, i had used the same name for sprite image because randomly i'm chaging the numbers .for that purpose i have used that same name for sprite images.

  • , they all have the same name, because they are all instances of the same object, just with different animationframe-numbers.

  • Ah I see. Not looked into sprite animations as I'm not really an artist ;)

  • narasimha, I still can't open the project, because of the rex-function plugin, but do you still use selected as a boolean?

    If yes you could spawn a sprite on the first selected. set angle towards the second selected and width to distance(firstselected.x,firstselected.y,secondselected.x,secondselected.y) spawn a sprite there to set angle towards third selected etcetera. You are probably going to need a global (or local?) variable to keep track of all this, but hace fun trying!

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  • Are you referring to the multiplicador icon being stretched towards 0,0 ? I don't see a line object.

  • hi ,

        thanks for your reply.Littlestain, i had tried what you have explained in the scirra, and i took instance variables and i had call in the event sheet but not coming it's only spawning the new sprite.But is's not coming the selected sprite image angles. can you check out my project and give me some tips to make that thing work.

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