Animation name and Special caracters ?

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  • So, I just attempted to name one of my animations "ActorIdle-90", but upon validation, construct promptly removed the minus caracter without notice.

    I was surprised from this restriction and tried out the risky thing: I opened the project file into a text editor, manually renamed the animation to include the minus, and accordingly renamed the project folder path containing the animation frames.

    After reopening the project, no error was shown. The animation was properly renamed, properly showed in the editor, and after updating my event sheet, it was properly playing in-game. It all seemt like there was no problem using this caracter in the animation name.

    What's the reason behind the removal of special caracters? Are there some nasty side-effect I should be aware of if I continue down this path ?

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  • So, is there really nothing to know on that matter ?

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