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  • I have gotten stuck

    When I run my game the way I have it now everything seems to work fine, my sprite goes through an animation change and goes back to its default sprite, what i'm trying to have done is Under the "On Animation "Wash" has Finished" there is"IsActive" instead of "IsAntiHero" running because my "IsAntiHero" platformer events are not working when called by the on finished shown in the image.

    When I change it from "IsActive" to "IsAntiHero" It does correctly change the sprite to the AntiHero sprite except there are no animations such as Idle, Walking etc yet I can still move the Hero around just with no animation.. I have tried for a few hours now trying to get this to work correctly and I'm at a loss

    Sorry if im not being clear, I have been up wayyy too long.

  • Figured it out.

    I had the "IsAntiHero" event in the same section as the IsActive event so they were conflicting... wow lol I Really have been up way too long....

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  • I think everyone of us had that kind of trivial issues which blocked him for hours. You just simply cannot see the obvious for some reason .

    Several days ago I lost few hours wondering why my sprite is not moving, and it turned out that I accidentally typed "=" instead of "+" character in some variable calculation...

    I call it a "ghost error". You know it's there... you know it's simple.. but you can't see it!

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