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  • Guys hi,

    In my game while player is moving it uses walk animation. When player left clicks character have to stop and attack toward the mouse with attack animation. However, if moving is not finished and walk animation is not finished when player left click character stucks and cannot move again, he is not attacking either he is just keep playing walking animation and cannot move.

    How can i solve this problem it is like kind of a bug it is really annoying.

    Is it possible interrupt animations without getting these kind of problems.

    Thanks for your help.

  • It sounds like you have conflicting events. It would be easier to resolve this if we had the capx.

    What events are you using for moving the character? If it's platform behaviour, maybe you could set it to ignore input or before attacking and restoring input after attacking?


    there is nothing much only testing mechanics just started to making this:)

    I think thats because i used too much triggers LittleStain

  • I added a condition for the walking animation and changed your origin in the attack animation. Attack animation is still not perfect, but much better.


  • Thanks a lot bro.

  • How can i improve that animation can you give me some tips? I am using inkskape to draw characters and making animations i am suffering this origin point thing in all my games...

  • What you could do when making animations in inkscape is create a big invisible object surounding everything in the animation and export it to .png with that object selected. In construct the origin will then be at the same point for every frame. After importing everything you can then choose to crop every frame. the origin will remain at the same spot.

    Even better would be not to use the .png's directly from inkscape, but clean them up in photoshop or gimp before putting them in construct. That way you it's easier to align them perfectly.

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  • Thanks a lot

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