How many animation frames can a sprite have?

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  • Hello all.

    For a game I'm making I'm using an object that possesses many animation frames and tiling it to make a background. To give variation to the background I'm using different animation frames on the sprites at various locations. I have done this to reduce the number of sprites on screen.

    My question is as follows; Is there a limit to the number of animation frames that a sprite can possess? If there is no limit, is there a number at which it's best to use another sprite that possesses multiple animation frames to maximise performance?

  • I've put 10,000 animation frames into one sprite.

    My program ran just fine...

    The big problem is that Construct 2 makes "thumbnails" when dealing with Animation Frames and it refreshes those thumbnails quite often while working with your Animation Frames and at 10,000 frames that process was VERY slow.

    My .PNG images were 300x70 pixels.

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  • I really can't envisage my project running anywhere NEAR that. That's really good to know.

    Thank you for your help!!

  • 10000 frames. wow, quite interesting :)

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