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  • how can i use the folder and sub-animations ???

    for example i have a sprite with 2 folders :

    -language1 (will be english)

    -language2 (will be arabic)

    each one of these language folder has some animation for example





    each animation has about 1-40 frames (for example).

    and on in the home page i have 2 flags (1sprite) : usa flag, ksa flag with a variable 1,2 so if i clicked the first one how can i let him use all sprites on language1?? what should i do?? and same on number2

  • any idea??

  • the folders are just organizational they have no effect on how to use the animation. So make sure each animation has a proper identifying name like eng_ManuPage eng_Win ... ara_ManuPage ara_Win etc

    Then based on which flag is clicked set the required objects to the proper language animations

  • idd may add that the set animation is a string, so you can add a variable to it

    global var: languagselect = "eng"

    set animation to languagselect & "_manupage"

    so this way you only need the one action to set the correct animation name , depending on the global var, it will select the right animation

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  • vtrix , aridale , thanks for your help ^^ i think some names and some variables will fix all that ^^

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