How do I do an animation on the floor (Boolean? what is that

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  • Hello guys,

    How can i do an animation on the floor?

    i have no idea how boolean works, is that how to do it?

    i have an animation that he can hide behind things for bullets.

    but when i make an event, and when I pres the key nothing happens, the charater just stucks on the idle animation frame 0, and after releasing the butten the charater goes further whit his idle.

    The same thing happens when i do an attack animation, he just stucks on idle frame 0

    Sorry for my bad english guys,

    Who can help me?


  • First you need to understand how construct 2 handles the animations, I suggest you read this

    Shortly explained first you need to import your animation frames to the sprite, then you group them together using the animation editor, like shooting animation, death animation etc. When they are properly grouped you can call them using the event animation tab using their group names.

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  • Hello imhotep22,

    I know the basic animations like, idle,walk, jump, and how to set it up.

    the struggle is that i cant find how to do an animation while the charater is on floor, like attacking.

    I have the attack animation ready but how can i let it work?

  • Well, if you already have the animation, call it in the event where the player is on the floor like you do normally with any other animation, but make sure to disable the other's animations first if they are already running, because you cant have more then 1 animation running at the same time.

    If your player is getting stuck at frame 0 and not animating, its probably because you are not calling the animation properly.

  • how can i disable the other animations?

    sorry bro im a noob :p

  • On the event sheet add a new event, select the player with the animation, and under the animation tab click stop, if its always looping set a variable and toggle it between 0 and 1, 0 when it should run, 1 when it should not.

  • Thank you imhotep22 it worked

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