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  • Is there a way to make your animation use the flashing behavior. Currently every time I try to make my animation flash it just turns the animation invisible. I am trying to get it where when the player is hit he will flash

    (meaning he can not take damage) but he has animations so when he does flash he just disappears until the flashing is done.

  • I have found the flash behavior to be very quirky.

    I would recommend making your own flashing function by using action-sprite-set-transparency-0, wait-0.5(adjust time for speed 0.1-1), action-sprite-set-transparency-100, repeat as long as you like. Then either have this in the appropriate event or put it in a function and then call that function anything you need some flashing done.

  • You should simply be able to attach the flash behavior, and set it to disabled by default.

    player on collision with spikes -> player flash enable.

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  • ChrisinFinger that method works but it is causing me a problem, what I am trying to do is while the player is flashing make it where they do not take damage, I was able to do this with the flash behavior but I am not having trouble doing this the way you set recommended. The good new is that now I can have my animations flash

    Justifun the flash behavior works find for me when I do not have a animated sprite but once you have one that animates then the flash function seems the have a problem.

  • nvm guys, I figured out how to get ChrisinFinger's way to work for what I needed it to thanks again guys.

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