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  • Hey,

    I have got a little problem in my game.

    This is my events:

    You can see at the bottom of events a Trigger3. When my player.controller is overlapping the Trigger3, my hero dosent play animation "To_crouch" but only get first frame from this animation. It's only work when i add event Destroy player.controller but i need him. So what i do wrong?

    And another question. I wont made two states of moving. On crouch and standing movement. the only difference is the animation, nothing more, how can i switch the movement animations? For example i got walk animation:



    Animation "Walk1" is on layer start. When my hero touch a trigger i want him to use for moving animation "Walk2". How can i do this?

  • It looks like it would play Idle or Moving, since it does those whenever the player is on the floor and moving or not.

    As a quick test for you, you can put a condition on both Idle and Moving animation states: "Is playing To_Crouch" and invert it. This will likely fix it in the short run.

    As for switching the animations for walk, try setting a boolean instance variable, e.g. UseWalk2, and check it. Only play walk1 when UseWalk2 is false.

  • Thanks You for replay!

    Is playing dosent help. Even if i toggle desible all Moving folder that happens still.

    Thx for boolean tip, I try it.

  • I think the problem is in condition (is overlapping), when i take control from player he still touch the trigger and maybe thats creat loop first frame from "To_crouch" animation.

  • Have you tried the "Trigger once while true" System condition?

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  • Using On Collision instead of Is Overlapping should do basically the same thing, but only trigger once when you enter the space. Thereby not constantly repeating the start of the animation.

  • Yep, that was good trail. I add condition on "overlapping" trigger3 "destroy trigger3" and its work. That everyone for help!

    Hmm good question - what witch multi using triggers? How do them?

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