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  • I'm new to Construct2 and i'm trying to figure out what the best approach is to animation in Construct2.

    I have an animation I made of a tank rolling on the battlefield. Now I know I can position animated elements where I want and duplicate, scale and rotate them. Can I also animate these properties in Construct2?

    The animation is for a cut-scene where the tanks fire at each other.

    The free version of Construct2 doesn't have any animation tools I can find. Is all animation in Construct2 done with spritesheets and image sequences? No animating op properties like position, scale and rotation?

  • There's no keyframe or timeline animation, if that's what you mean, but you can certainly animation rotation, scale and position by using events to manipulate the angle, size and movement behaviours respectively.

  • If you use containers and have more of the same sprite it should work with just a few events.

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  • GeometriX

    I was indeed looking for keyframe/timeline animation.


    I made it work with some events like you said. I'll have to test a bit if this is a practical way of doing cut-scene animation.

    If anyone has done some cut-scene animation i'm curious to know what approach you have taken.

  • Haven't tried them, but rexrainbow did a bunch of plugin to deal with timing and sequencing stuff, like this one

  • Check Spine at

    Right now, I think the only way to import the animation in Construct from there is to export the frames individually but in the stretch goals of their just ended kickstarter campaign, a JS runtime was specified. Hopefully this will allow for an easy integration...

  • Thanks roberto, nice software.

    There is Spriter too.

  • In the final part of the build a shoot them up tutorial, I show how to make some "animation" of the Boss coming to the middle of the screen.

  • lemo I'll take a look at those.

    Most of the animation I do is in Blender, I render to a PNG image sequence then import them into Construct2.

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