animation caps at max 20fps

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  • hi to all. i created a super smooth character running animation using is 92 frames long(92 png's). when i preview it inside construct no matter how many fps i input i dont think it exceeds more than 20 thus making my animation last forever.if i reduce it to lets say 5 i can see it go slower. i read on the forum from ashley that animations cant go more than 60 fps and if you want to go faster you must use the set animation frame event with lerp and so on(i am reading on that and had some progress but i am not quite there) .but mine does not go beyond 20 even in preview.and the same applies in game where i have 60fps it spriter?is it because i have many png's?is it a bug? any ideas ? thank you

  • I've never run into that being a problem, but why would you import png sequences from spriter into c2? You can just drop the scml file in and it'll tween everything in-game. You would never have to worry about frames.

  • Roccinio

    It's not a bug or any of the sort, it might be more of a misunderstanding of how C2's works.

    BUT 92 frames for a running animation!!!!!????????? Surely you can take out a bunch of frames and get a decent animation. But for 92 frames you would probably need an animation speed of 1.5x to 2x the number of frames (which in your case is 92) to get it to look right. But really I would recommend lowering your frames if you want to optimize your game. It's generally good practice.

    But to solve your problem:

    On the construct 2 editor set your animation speed to 160 and test it out again. If its still a bit to slow then keep raising it till you get it to the speed you want.

    For my animations I usually want an animation speed that is double or atleast almost double the number of frames I have. So if I have 9 frames then I set the animation speed on the editor to 15. 1.7x9 = 15 which is almost 18.

    P.S. Don't confuse frame speed with animation speed

  • C-7 retrodude thank you for your answers.

    c-7 as i am new to this i imported directly the file from spriter to c2 and to be honest with you i didnt know what to do next and how to call the whole animation since there is a chaos of combined images.i am trying to figure this out right now searching the forums and experimenting.

    retrodude i know i went overboard with the animation but please be gentle with me since when we try something new we usually exaggerate a bit :) but my real problem lies with what you said.set up a bigger number like 160 and everything will go faster. that is not the case with me and thats why i asked for help.let me try and break it down

    if i set 1 in the number then my animation will last 92 sec since its 92 png's and it will go 1 frame per second. if i set 184 it will run from start till finish in half a second. my problem is that even if i input 180,200,600 it still runs at 20 fps no matter what

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  • Roccinio

    I understand that your new so I'll try to help breakdown your problem.

    You mentioned that it runs 20fps? How are you testing this? And could you post a video of your gameplay or maybe a screenshot. It's hard to tell the problem when I can't see it.

  • Roccinio

    I'm not near my computer, so I can only give approximate names. But once you drop it in, it adds in all of the body parts. Don't worry that it's a big pile, it'll sort itself out when you hit run/preview. It inserts a bigger event that initialized and associates all of the sprites with that scml file. That needs to be included in whatever event sheet is running on that layout. I recommend putting that bit initialization event on an included event sheet to reduce copy+pasting and redundancies.

    You can then change the playback rate, set the animations to play once or loop, and choose which animation to play--use the name you set up in Spriter for each animation. I would then set the scml file to the position of your dummy gameplay sprite (so it can have the platformer behavior or whatever you are using).

  • i made all my animations 30 frames and it works like intended.maybe construct doesn't like many frames.who knows?as for the spriter plugin i wish they wright a guide soon with pictures and examples.thank you all!

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