How do I make animated selection menu with animated sprites

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  • Hello everyone! I want to make a character selection menu which will like Subway Surfers character selection menu where a character sprite animates on the screen.

    My menu will have 3 sprites A , B and C.

    There will be 2 buttons like < back and > forward for view the sprites. When a sprite in lerped to center of selection menu I want to animate that sprite how to make that?

    I saw tutorials of character selection menu but there was all sprites were in a single sprite or spritesheet so the sprites were not able to animate because there was not any chance of the character which is on the screen will animate so please help me please! I saw a game made with C2 Sombrero Alpha which having a animated character selection menu that I want to create. Thanks!

  • The animation is made up of frames on the sprite object. You create the animation from frames and then play the animation.

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  • I have a sprite which has all team logos in it and so basically it is a single sprite and I dont know how to animate these logos that single sprite i used for slide in the menu so this is the problem for animate these logos . Yes I know how to animate a sprite by using some frames but here the sprite are in a single sprite.

    I used single sprite which is having all 9 team logos I dont know any other trick to make this. If anyone knows better trick then this I am open to suggestions.

  • Have you tried importing frames from sprite strip?

  • Eltondrknss Not yet ! Thanks

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