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  • Hello everyone.

    There is probably a very simple solution to this but I cant seem to work out a decent looking way of doing this. I have a single "grass" sprite object that runs the length of the layout. I am looking for a way to animate a breeze without adding more frames and running an animation. I assume this can be done via events/effects but I cant find the right combination. I have used Warp and tried to define the frequences amplitude and speed to no avail. In theory the bottom of the sprite should remain static while the top portion should move horizontally.

    Any suggestions or examples would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  • There is actually a grass example using the Sine wave in the examples that follows along with C2.

    Create a new project in C2 and search for "grass" in the templates then it should be there.

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  • check how direcor Miyazaki did it in Totoro or Only Yesterday, he animated grass in an awesome way

    He just moves it!

  • I never noticed that example file about using sine. It'll take some rework from an art perspective but it just might work. Thanks!

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