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  • I'm curious if anyone has any good resources or knows of a good tutorial for creating and displaying battle damage text? When an enemy (or hero) takes damage, a rising colored line of text, showing the damage amount and/or possibly a string of text showing the type of damage, in various colors based on that type of damage? Such as seen in many MMOs and ARPGs?

  • �ould you give an example of what you are trying to do, because it doesn't sound that hard to do if I'm understanding you..

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  • I didn't think I was all that cryptic, but ok, a better explanation.

    When an enemy takes damage, there would appear some text over the enemy taking said damage displaying how much damage was done, or perhaps a line of text like CRITICAL HIT or WINGED 'EM that would then rise up and fade out as it rises up. Such as is seen in a typical MMO or AARPG.

    I know the basics, create a text instance, position it to the enemies position, set it to the text desired, color it based on type of damage or even the specific text string it's set to, and animate it rising up and fading out. I'm just looking for some good examples I can follow for optimization, and the most effective placement within an event sheet to do so.

  • Just spawn the text-object on enemy hit give it a fade out behaviour and an every tick set y to self.y-1. Spawning it at the tip of the player's sword would make for nice differences visually.

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