How do I Animate Sprites

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  • I've searched all over the fourms but can't find anything on animating sprites. I'm probably looking in the wrong place but I'm going to ask anyway. So. How do you animate sprites when a sprite moves. My game's character is a Megaman sprite. I have a RunLeft animation line, a RunRight animation line, and a Jump animation line. How do i get each animation to run when I move in each direction? Thanks in advance.

  • hi,

    use the Simulate key and call the animation created in the sprite editor by "Set animation action"

  • As manarsoft said, use the set animation action under the sprite when the key is pressed to run. Also for most platformers (which I assume you are making) you only need 1 animation for running, and then set "mirror sprite" when walking in one direction, and "don't mirror" for the other.

    Hope this helps

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  • Too late for the "mirror spite" option, but thanks both of you with helping me make my first game! However I cant seem to find what you two are talking about. Is it on the event sheet?

    Edit: How do I set it to play one animation when I move one way and vise versa

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