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  • Hi there

    First off, been using Construct 2 for just about 2 weeks now and have to say what an amazing piece of software it is!

    My question is -

    I've uploaded some images into my project files, which I am calling on using the 'Load image from URL' action. The images replace my current sprite image. The problem lies in the fact that I need to animate this sprite. The animation consists of 4 frames which loop, when they loop frame one shows as the image loaded from the URL, but all frames after show the previous image, so as you can imagine I get a very flickery animation which is a jumble of 2 images.

    I thought there might be a way to amend this using a sprite sheet but I'm unsure how to go about it or if it's even possible.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  • "Load image from URL" will replace the current frame of the current animation, so you could try to "set animation frame" each time before downloading each frame of the animation

    This is gonna work if you have a fixed and small amount of files to deal with, but if like me you have a huge library of unknown animation sprite sheets, there is some discussion going on here and there

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  • great suggestion will try it out now

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