How do I Animate Scale value on a physics behavior

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  • Hi everyone!

    Er I've bumped into a weird (maybe not) problem.

    I've made a Sprite with a Physics Behavior. All is cool, it falls and collides with a ground Solid object.

    Now I want the Sprite to change Size as it rolls on the ground but as soon as I put a Sine behavior (to have it grow), my Sprite looses apparently its Physics Behavior (it doesn't fall, it just stays there on screen with it's size pulsing).

    As soon as I remove the Sine (or any Scale animation), it falls again on the ground as expected...

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I want to have an animation of a snowball rolling (with Physics) and growing bigger as time passes.

    Please help....



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  • You need to scale the object with actions, without sine, and you got to do it not too fast so the collisions can update.

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