How do I animate an IID Sprite depending on an other IID Obj

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  • Hello guys,

    I recently discovered Construct2 and I get much fun. But I'm stuck with a problem...

    I've made a on screen keypad using a file an other user made. And I wanted to animate it a bit.

    So I want to change the sprite frame of the Instance Variable Sprite whih correspond to the Letter Instance Variable.

    So basicaly I got a Q which IID is 1 and I want to change the frame of the sprite with the IID of 1 for the W which IID is 2 I want to change the frame of the sprite with the IID of 2, ETC.

    Hoping someone can help me !

    Thanks !

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  • if sprite.IID = 1, set animation frame to sprite(2).framenumber

    Put a 2 in brackets just before the . and frame number to pick the sprite in an action.

    Alternatively store sprite 2's animation frame in a global variable and set sprite 1's to the value stored there.

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