how to animate my character on the tip of the abyss

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  • Hello people

    how to animate my character to be positioned at the tip of the abyss

    I anchored my sprite animation platform to behavior

    any way to do.

  • Could you explain what you mean by this?

    What is the character supposed to do exactly?

  • platform game and I want to show my character animation just before the end of the road do as you are going to fall

  • I don't understand your question? Please explain with details

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  • I guess you want to play an almost falling animation when your character is close to the edge of something..

    You would need a way to detect if this is the case, by either using something like overlapping at offset or, maybe easier, using an invisible sprite to detect it..

  • edit: Wow, I left the reply window open for a while, came back to type up a response, and when I submitted it, there were a bunch of other replies ahead of me all of a sudden.

    Not sure if I'm interpreting this correctly, but it sounds like you're asking how you can have a platform game character change to a special "edge wobble" animation when they are standing on the very edge of a drop-off, Sonic the Hedgehog style.

    For example...

    This can be done either with detector objects, or with the condition "is overlapping at offset".

    Detector objects

    You can have two objects that "hover" to either side of your character's feet, sitting just below ground level. If you walk over to an edge, one of the detector objects will no longer be overlapping the ground. You can use a condition to check for that and then switch to the edge wobble animation.

    Is overlapping at offset

    You can use the condition "is overlapping at offset", and specify an offset that would shift the character off the edge and slightly downward before checking for the overlap. If the the player is not overlapping any ground, then they are standing at the edge of a drop, and you can then switch to the edge wobble animation.

    Hope this helps.

  • That is correctly

    I helped a lot

    thank you very much to all for your time

    some example

  • You most welcome

  • No problem

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