Angry Birds Slingshot using Bullet

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  • Hey Guys,

    I am building a game where i'd like the user to be able to drag back from the MainCharacter and fire a bullet in the opposite direction, like the angry birds slingshot firing system.

    I can find plenty of examples using physics but none using the Bullet Behaviour.

    Any ideas?

  • What's wrong with using physics? That's the approach I would take, why a bullet behaviour? This is possible with the bullet behaviour, but I would like to know why the approach before I help if that's no problem.

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  • Use this principle;

    Give your bullet the following behaviors;

    a) Drag & Drop

    b) Pin

    c) Bullet (initial speed of 0)

    1) Pin the bullet to the character using rope-style.

    Combined with the Drag&Drop behavior, you will be able to move the bullet around like in angry birds by dragging.

    2) On Drag&Drop (when the player drops the bullet);

    a) Unpin the bullet

    b) Disable Drag&Drop

    c) Set bullet speed to a value (can be based on distance to character)

    d) Set bullet angle of motion (based on angle to character)

    The sling part of the system is just a visual trick. It doesn't actually serve any mechanical function.

  • David How do we calculate the Angle exactly? I realise the sling is just aesthetic and I can get my character to fire a bullet i'm just having trouble getting the bullet to fire from the character but at the right angle. Thanks for the reply!

    dcrew the game is on a mobile platform and avoiding physics if possible is always best.

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