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  • I was wondering if it would be possible to implement in a game i am doing in construct 2 (which has gravity) a path wich tells you the direction of the proyectil (which would make a parabola) like when you hold one of the birds in angry birds.

  • I think there's an example of an angry birds clone somewhere on the forums :)

  • I'm sure in the newer beta release there is a basic catapult template to build off of.

    If you want to get the path. I suppose you could make an invisible sprite that shoots of on every angle change. Then draw a dotted line as it goes.

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  • You'll need the canvas plugin ...

    Big Credits to R0J0 , he made me an example

    he path of a jump is not an arc it's a parabola.

    Here are two posts with the math of projectile motion:

    Here is a capx:

    The platform behavior is not exact so the path can't be calculated exactly.

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  • Thank you all for your help, i did it and now it looks really cool.

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