angle of "physics" gravity.

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  • how to behavior of a "physics" set the angle of gravity? Do not suggest to add behavior "platform" and through him to set gravity - it's not what i need.

  • I am not sure, if you can change the angle of gravity. What you definetly could try is, rotate the layout. That should move the center of gravity to a different spot.

    If this does not work, set world gravity to zero and apply a force towards a certain spot for all your objects.

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  • I have another question about physics. I need to get the ball in a collision with a wall with "immovable". if the ball was a certain speed, it destroyed the wall. The ball starts with the actions of "apply impulse at angle" or "apply force at angle". When I tried to implement it in the game, the "wall" (in my game other object) is not destroyed or demolished or very rarely, in rare cases. Why do I not get it?

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