How do I make angle of motion separate to sprite's angle

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  • Im trying to create an enemy that moves using the bullet behavior. I want it to move towards the player, but I don't want the sprite to rotate to the angle that it's moving in, just have it so that the sprite moves in that direction. I can't seem to find a way of doing this, as every method I have tried ends up rotating the sprite with it's angle of motion. Is there a way that this is possible?

  • In the properties (left side of the editor) of the bullet behavior there is a property 'set angle' set it to 'no' and it wont rotate. You have to click on the sprite with the behavior to get the correct properties.

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  • Ive tried that but it makes the sprite move in only one direction. I have an event set up so that every tick the enemy points towards the player, but it doesn't actually move towards the player, it just moves to the right and points towards the player.

    I basically want it so that the sprite is always facing one direction but can move towards where ever the player is.

  • Try with:

    System | Every Tick -> Enemy | Set Bullet angle of motion to Angle(Enemy.X, Enemy.Y, Player.X, Player.Y)

    That should work.

    Maybe you have to rename player and enemy into the name of your sprites.

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