How do I get angle beteen two instances of one object

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  • Hi,

    i'm trying to get an angle between two sprite instaces of object Player (sprite). And since it is a local PVP multiplayer game I have 2 instances of Object Player, so getting angle would look like this "angle(Player.x,Player.y,Player.x,Player.y)" which in this case means I won't get the correct angle, right?

    How do I distinguish between those two instances and get the correct angle between them? I would share the capx, but it is controlled with gamepads only.

    Thx in advance

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  • angle(Player(0).x, Player(0).y, Player(1).x, Player(1).y)

    Or you add two temporary variables tempX, tempY, pick the first Player instance, set tempX=Player.X, tempY=Player.Y

    Then pick the second player instance and use angle(tempX, TempY, Player.x,Player.y)

    Or you can create a family with Player object, then you'll be able to pick Player and PlayerFamily in the same event and do angle(Player.x,Player.y, PlayerFamily.x, PlayerFamily.y)

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