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  • Hi All,

    I'm thinking of using CocoonJS to export my games to both Android and iPhone.

    Once it has been packaged by Coccon; Is there a way to tell (at runtime) whether the app is being run on an Android or an iPhone.

    I ask as I need a way to indicate which market place URL I should direct the app to (for rating game).

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  • I believe you can use some of the expressions from the browser object to help you out with that.

    Here's the manual page:

    I think the one's that you would be most interested are near the bottom, where you can get the name of the browser and the platform that its running on.

  • Thanks for the reply rabidsheep, I'll check out the link.

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  • There are so many market available where you can put your app for good rating. As per the Android concern i like to recommend a Google Play Store is the best place where you get the good rating of your game and iPhone concern i like to recommend an iTunes is the best place where you can get the good rating of your iPhone game.

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  • james, I think he is asking how to tell whether his app is running on Android or iPhone...

  • Have you heard of the dropbox method to test your game via your android phone? Theres a cocoonjs app for android devices so using that and dropbox you can test out the games on the phones mobile browsers

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