How do I make Android games using Intel XDK or altenative?

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  • I've already made my game for android by exporting to Ludei, but they add their own splash screen, and their servers are pretty slow.

    How do I export my project to an apk using Intel XDK?

    It may seem like it's easy to answer but it's not. I watched many tutorials, but they all use really old version of the XDK rendering my XDK version (v1995) useless.

    Video of guy uploading his game to XDK (v1621): removed because low points blah blah

    The closest I came to ever putting my project to the XDK was on a certain video of a guy choosing what engine his game is running, and he just wrote "c2", but I don't have that. I have a drop down menu for things like Phaser, Coco2d, Pixi, Easel JS, Basic Canvas Game.

    Also that guy in the tutorial didn't have an option called Use Cordova Plugins, so I don't know if I check that or not.

  • I'm using XDK 1995

    The emulate works fine, i've never exported a game yet.

    The steps:

    1- click on Start a new project

    2- click on import your html5 code base

    3- select your file location

    4- click continue

    5- enter you game name

    6- use cordova plugins - yes

    7- game project - yes

    8- click continue

    9- test emulate

  • So the game engine is set to "Basic Canvas Game" by default ?

    Also how long does it take for a basic game to compile?

    ...It's been 10 minutes, is it usually this long?

    20 now. Ehhhh

    It's been an hour... "creating project: blahblah" and nothing but a loading bar.

  • yes : Basic Canvas Game

    maybe something wrong with your project, it's only take few seconds in my project.

  • intel XDK was my first option to export and it take about 5 minutes with my game (it depends of size). And If you use too many XDK Plug-ins it compile slower.

    Now i export with Ludei cose if you dont have WebGl on your phone, some games (as mine) run veeeery slow.

    Note: Some people have problems exporting their projects in XDK when use "minify project" when export to cordova

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  • This was fixed by reinstalling the XDK, thanks!

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