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  • Hi guys, can I really make a fast android game in C2 ? Im asking it because I tryed older versions and its was slow when exporting to android.

    Second question, in the current version of C2 there are some options to create an apk... What is the simple and best way to create it with good performance and tiny size possible (with all my own game optimization) ?

    Thanks in advance and excuse-me for my english.

  • I use the CocoonJS export. When you export to CocoonJS you'll get a zip file. You can put this zip file on your phone and play it with the CocoonJS Launcher App. Or you can register an account on the Ludei website for free, and compile your zip into an APK

  • Cool, I want to put my game on google play so I cant use the Launcher option, I will try to compile that zip into a apk...

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  • I would use the Intel SDK. CocoonJS is COMPLETE garbage, unfortunately. The Intel SDK will add around 17 megabytes on to your game size but that's not something you should worry about. Most people have access to home WiFi.

    The only real issue would be sticking with CJS. They have an annoying splash screen, which is bugged and looks unprofessional. Their physics support has always been garbage at best. Not to mention their actual "support forums". What a joke. I could list fifty other things wrong with CJS but I am already starting to get a headache.

    Any who, stick with or start using the Intel SDK.

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