Android Crosswalk list of unstable devices.

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  • Hi,

    I have released a game (Intel XDK, CW14) to Google Play. I started to recieve a lot of good ratings but also a lot of bad ratings which were caused by technical issues people experienced. I've noticed that most of them have same mobile devices so I understood that some devices have problems with running my game even tho the game itself had no bugs.

    So I started to disable devices one by one in Google Play. In the beginning I had to ban whole Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 family, and then other devices.

    Is there a list of devices which are not compatibile/working properly with Android Crosswalk so I could disable them all in Google Play?

    I know there is a Chromium blacklist implemented, but as far as I know this only disables WebGL support on blacklisted devices (BTW: is this list published somewhere so I could take a look?).

    I am really trying to use C2 to make mobile games but it's not possible to push your app on TOP 10 when you recieve a lot of bad ratings. And the pretty sad fact is that it is not a gameplay fault but a technical issue I am not able to fix. So banning those "bad" devices should be a good workaround for now.


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  • I assume this may happen as there are less standards then ios. Thanks for confirming this. I suppose I would put system requirements in your mobile game descriptions or ask friends to test your games on different android devices. Then you can state what devices were tested somewhere.

  • There are thousands of Android devices. I don't think asking friends is a serious step to do. I believe there should be some official Crosswalk blacklist :/.

  • Galaxy Trend Plus has also big problems with running Crosswalk apps. Whole screen is blinking - not playable.

    Is there anyone else with such problems? Or is it my app problem? Maybe we as a C2 community could make such a list together? Please share any known device/crosswalk problems.

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