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  • Hi!

    I have some questions on how to do this with the Construct 2 engine:

    1.- Scale the game as if it was Letterbox Scale and resize it to fill the whole screen (I don't mind if the aspect ratio isn't kept):


    2.- In Android, there is a floating notification bar on top of the screen with some basic information like hour and battery level. In my game, this bar appears at some points (for example when you write in a text box, both the keyboard and this bar pop up, overlapping many objects). Is there any way to implement this bar into the game, so that it is always there (it is more or less what WhatsApp does).


    3.- Similar to question 2. When you write in a text box, the keyboard pops up and overlaps almost 40% of the screen. I want my game to scroll up when the keyboard is on screen, but I don't know any system expression to get the height of the virtual keyboard or to get the Y-coordinate of the bottom of the screen without keyboard (ViewportBottom doesn't change when the virtual keyboard is on screen).

    Please let me know if you have any clue. If there is anything that can't be done with C2, is there any alternative program where I can do this? (Maybe in the Intel XDK before exporting?)

    Thank you for your help, I truly appreciate it!

    EDIT: I thought this could be probably done with some code input, do you know what I have to code?

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  • I have the first problem also . Help us !

  • istero I was answered on StackOverflow

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