How do I use anchor for my app?

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  • Hi. I'm planning and trying to figure out how to make a ios game with construct 2.

    What I need is a sort of bar at the bottom that always is there, the same with a top bar (sort of menu and header).

    I want this to work on both iPhone 5's and iPhone 4's (different screen heights). I tried out using the anchor but it didn't do anything! It seems like the anchor behaviour doesn't work at all? Or am I using it wrong, perhaps?

  • codah I've read ashley's tutorial and just finished with the other 2, as they are very helpful, I don't think they really solve my problem! :/

    I've solved how to support the screen sizes of iPhone 4 & 5 by centering everything (I thought I would be able to keep doing that to avoid the problem) but now I need to have a bar at the bottom to stay at the bottom somehow, and I feel like anchor would be the best solution if I actually knew how it worked and such

  • I'm not sure how they don't address your needs. You want to support 2 aspect ratios, 3:2 and 16:9. The height or width don't matter as such, it's just the aspect ratio.

    What I've done on 2 projects is:

    set Scale outer on my project

    set Window size to the 16:9 aspect ratio

    make the layouts' width to the 'wider' aspect ratio (e.g. 3:2)

    make sure the important stuff is in the 'safe zone' of 16:9

    I did use Anchor on one of those projects to keep buttons on a button bar in position.

    So anyway what happens when you try to use Anchor, even in a test project? Can you provide a capx?

    note: I have no iPhone app experience, but as far as I can see the above holds true.

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  • Figured it out with anchors! You need to have the actual object on the window edge for it to work, so dumb of me xD

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