Analyzing Audio to sync with talking animation

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  • Is there a way to analyze the loaded audio, whether through Construct itself or plug-ins? Basically, I need to play an audio file and have the speech in that audio file control whether a character opens or closes their mouth. To do that, I decided that the game should analyze the audio file every frame and check its current amplitude (NOTE: This has nothing to do with the controllable volume level in the game itself). If the amplitude's higher or equal to a certain number, then the character would have opened their mouth. If the amplitude is below that number, then the character would have closed their mouth. So, is there a way to do it? If it can't be done through Construct itself, is there a plug-in, that could have the needed features?

  • I highly doubt this is possible with C2, but I could be wrong.

  • Well, as I mentioned earlier, if it's not possible with Construct itself, isn't there a plug-in or something with such features?

  • You could take a look at this article

    There is also an audio analyzer example in the default construct 2 examples. I think what you want to do would be possible, would just be a bit of work.

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  • Yes, this is exactly what I needed! And the technique works! (Well, it's not perfect, because analyzing the Amplitude itself does not differentiate between "S" sounds and vowels, but that's because of the audio data itself) Thanks a lot!

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