I am trying to make a similiar game to Adventure Capitilist

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  • Hey, i have used construct 2 before but require some help, this is for a school project so im afraid im on a time limit, does anyone now how to make continuous money system that saves, if any of you have played adventure capitilist you get what i mean. I just dont know how to make this game, i dont know where to start, can anyone give me help, screenshots or tutorials preferably.??

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  • Read about the web storage or local storage plugins. They can be used to save values from one run of the game to the next. You can look in the manual, the tutorials and maybe even an example template included with C2.

    Next you'll need to get the time when the game closes and again when you open it again. You'll either need a third party plugin or use some JavaScript with the browser object to do this. Subtract the two times and calculate the money earned with:

    Amount= rate * time

    Search is your friend for more info.

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