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  • Hi everybody . I used to use GM 8.1 engine fore gaming but recently , I found Construct 2.0 engine and I have to say it's awesome <img src="smileys/smiley3.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> ... I am currently using Construct 2 free version .

    But I have some questions . Here are they :

    1 . Is it possible to make multi player games with Construct 2 ? Lan or internet connection for example .

    2 . Is there anyway to run HTML5 games offline ? I have seen some games that can be ran both on the internet and offline .

    3 . How does the events limit work in free edition ? 100 events per project , per layout or per event sheet ? How about layouts and layers ?

    4 . I have heard that you can make .exe files with Construct 1 but you cannot do that with Construct 2 , is that true ? If so , would it be ok to leave Construct 2 and start gaming with Construct 1 ? Is Construct 2 much better than Construct 1 ? Are we ever going to be able to make .exe files with Construct 2 in the near future ?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for reading . Sorry for my poor English and errors . <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • about all your questions ill answer with what i know:

    1) check this link : (from jptarqu)

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    2)about offline you mean .exe right? if it like this there is a few tests about .exe and the developers still working on them and it will come in the near future

    3)100 events on the whole project because if its on 1 eventsheet you can use the include sheet and you will have unlimited events.about layouts you can use unlimited layout but remember there is a maximum that your pc or internet or browser can reach so don't go with it i think 50-70 layouts is really good max to reach ^^ about layers you have in each layout 4 layers start from 0 and end to 3 (layernumbers).

    4)about construct1 some people still use it but i never use it because most of the people said GM is better than construct while they think there is no construct2, of couse construct2 is much better than construct (classic) - you have to ask someone isn't fan of any of them-

  • C2 is far, far better than construct classic (C1), and it should hopefully be getting EXE support as soon as a few issues with awesomium are fixed.

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