What am I doing wrong with Render Cells?

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  • I spawned 10,000 objects at the start of the layout way far away from the viewport on a static layer, each about 2000 pixels apart from each other and also on the same position. I tried everything Ashley suggested, even making them only have one animation and one frame (my obstacles that are static have multiple sprites stored in them in the same animation but are set to speed 0) and there is no difference in framerate whatsoever. Does testing them for collisions or anything at all negate the render cells performance?

  • 10k 2k appart, sounds very, very expensive in terms of computing power. I would suggest looking at alternative ways of achieving what ever it is you are trying to do.

    And, also, yes collision testing will have an impact on FPS.

    Can you explain what it is you are trying to achieve? Maybe attach a capx file?

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  • I was just running a test on it to see how it works for now before I try to actually use render cells. I also spawned the 10k objects on the same space far away from the viewport and it had no visible impact when I used render cells also.

    At any rate I had a bunch of garbage behaviors on all my obstacles, getting rid of those brought my framerate up to like 48fps with those 10k obstacles off screen but render cells still doesn't change the CPU usage in that.

    I'm basically just also trying to see what a feasible stage size is for my game.

  • Well, what framerate are you seeing both with and without? Have you measured cpuutilisation as well? If you have a powerful system it may be able to do fine without render cells. It helps more on weaker devices like mobile phones.

  • I haven't measured CPU usage yet in great detail but my framerate is the same with and without. About 48FPS with the 10,000 static obstacles after I did away with the deprecated behaviors I was using early on and forgot to get rid of until now. My computer is fairly powerful, especially for its time, but its "Achilles' heel" is the video card, being a 5 year old mid ranged at the time piece of hardware which I thought maybe that was the reason I can't handle as much as some other people probably could running the same C2 games. My webGL works just fine, the renderer value in my C2 game says webGL and I tried a webGL test you posted a while back on the forums and nothing was blacklisted.

    What surprised me a little was how expensive solid behavior really is. So I did a solid type of behavior code from scratch and it works even better.

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