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  • So I've been struggling to get these admob ads working but It seems I'm gonna need your help.I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong but the interstitials just don't show up,the performance of the game slows down when I set the ad to preload so I'm guessing It does that but as I said It just doesn't show.I tried different intelxdk plugins and most recently admobpro but no luck.

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  • I've never used admob so I may be off track here but I don't think the On interstitial received should be in a subevent under preload. Again, I may be completely wrong, but it may be worth checking out at least until you get another idea.

  • Take out the set deathcount = 0 and create separate event:

    If deathcount > 6 | set deathcount to 0

    If it still doesn't work then it's probably Admob's inability to display TEST Ads. You might have to release Non-Test ad version. Just make sure you don't accidentally press it.

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