Always move forward, but change position on x axis

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  • I need help getting my character to always move forward, as in straight and no backwards, but be able to change his position on x axis to dodge things. Kind of like a launch kind of game. And please, no capx, just explain in chat. Thanks, Tabor

  • So by 'forward' you mean moving up the Y axis i assume ? To move up constantly use the Move At Angle event, where the Angle is 270.

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  • Do you have any idea on how I could make the speed it moves start fast and get slower. Using the move at angle event?

  • Yep, where you set the angle, increase the distance(1 is default), that's the number of pixels it will travel per tick. If you want to slow down over time I would recommend looking at using the 8 direction behaviour where you can better set the speed.

  • I'm not that dumb! hehe, I was wondering how I could make the speed start off at like say 5 and then slowly go down to 0. Then I could add an upgrade system called speed that would make it so I could change that number when you upgrade the variable

  • If you're going more complicated then -

    Assign 8-direction behaviour to the object

    Every tick > Simulate Control (Up)

    Then you can easily use Set Speed to alter the speed after so many seconds and then set it back again after an upgrade

  • I ended up just making a variable called speed, setting it to five, then saying every (player.lifespan) seconds, subtract 1 from player.speed. That way I could have two upgrades, life span and speed. Thanks so much though for telling me about move at angle!

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