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  • Is there a way to blend background?

    I mean to have 2 tyled background images and a 3rd image(mask) that sets one of the layers transperant, so the 2 backgrounds blend.

  • On the Objects edit panel(left side) there is a set of tools called effects; and one of them being "blend mode"... you can try one of those. To be honest I have a blind spot for anything dealing with colour mixing :( but I hope there is a feature in there like "additive" that can help you :)

    I only reply as it might help and it looks like it has been a few hours :D GL

  • If you put the mask on top the "front" background image I think the "destination out" blend mode will do the job as it will make transparent the mask itself and all the parts it overlaps while leaving the background alone.

    If you want the mask to be underneath your background image in the z-order I think "source in" will do the trick.

  • Ok thanks

    I think i tryed all the blend modes but ill try them again

  • Well i tried this several times and nothing came out. I tried all the blend modes and still nothing

    here is the caps, can anyone make it work?


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  • You need to save your project as a single file (capx).


    here you go

    didnt know, sry

  • Make sure the layer has 'force own texture' enabled.

  • Ermmm still nothing happens

  • You could create a more static version of the effect by using images with high feathering on the edges and transparent backgrounds, which would lend a merge effect when they cross over each other?

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Without knowing your desired application though this may not be practical.

  • I think i should explain myself better

    • I have layout for example 5000/5000.
    • I have one tiled background for ground at the bottom at 500/500 resolution, tiled x10.
    • I have second tiled background for grass above the ground background at the same resolution and tiling.
    • And last i want to make 500/500 mask stretched to the whole layout, which to use as alpha channel of the grass background. In other words i want the mask not to show, but only to cuts trough the grass background.

    All i managed to do so far is to apply different blending modes on the mask, but this didnt do the trick. It only changed the way the mask blends with the backgrounds.

    Is it possible to mix backgrounds that way?

  • You may want to test in different browsers as some effects may not work in all browsers... haven't tested them myself, just a theory...

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