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  • Hello folks,

    Okay, so we've ported an Android title over to the OUYA and it's running lovely and smooth now (thanks to CocoonJS's recent controller and WEBGL additions).

    We've hit a road block though and can't seem to find any information anywhere on it.

    How do we invoke and then recall the OUYA's "Purchase this game" dialogues?

    Obviously unlike normal android which goes through the GooglePlay store and is dead easy to setup pricing/sales OUYA is a "All games are free" platform so we'd need to invoke their specific dialogues for purchasing... which we've no idea how to do lol.

    I'll also point out that we have no JavaScript/java programmers, we're all C++ based and have essentially no understanding of compiling for mobile outside of "Stick it in CocoonJS, wahey that works" and as such have no idea how to integrate OUYA's provided SDK with C2...

    Cheers, Matt

  • Do you have the latest beta of C2 (r154, 155) which just allowed us to do multiplatform IAP with just a single plugin? Test and see if that works with OUYA.

    This is something I was working on earlier today with the new plugin as I will be porting my Deadly Space Boss Arena game to Windows 8, but I seem to have problems when testing on Windows 8 after exporting..

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  • Still not having any luck with this.

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    Set up the product to purchase according to the OUYA guidelines as well as the IAP stuff in construct 2 but it's definitely not getting called and/or retrieving correctly.

    The most i've managed to get on the OUYA developer forums themselves is that I should integrate the provided purchasing API, however I've no clue how to do this.

    any suggestions?

  • yes. Don't bother with IAP. I thought I had posted on this thread before, but I must have forgot to repost after the access denied error.

    Ouya IAP is only in Android Java.

    CocoonJS nor Crosswalk support Ouya IAP.

    However if you hunt down enough you can probably find the Cordova Ouya IAP plugin some where. Then you can use CrossWalk with the plugin. Don't ask me how yet. I don't know. But there are a couple of HTML5 games on Ouya that have the IAP. but are using PhoneGap.

  • Any luck? I'm holding off purchasing/investing time in an OUYA until I know someone has had success getting it to work.


  • Nutzaboutpoker

    Hello mate,

    Sorry, i've had no luck with this, even got in touch with Ouya support.

    Basicaly seems to be a case of "If you don't know the super secret method used by others then you can just wait for CocoonJS to implement Ouya store support, which they'll do at some point, probably".

    Which is yno, dissapointing

  • I wonder If CocoonJS has a timeframe for this? I have a project launching in Q2 and would like to support OUYA in addition to the platform I'm supporting now.


  • I found this on their support site dated 9 days ago:

    "Thank you for your report. We're announcing some news regarding Construct 2 users, soon. :-)"

    Hopefully it adds support for the missing features to publish to OUYA. My next game is perfect for the console and I would like a dual Wii U/OUYA launch when it comes out.


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  • Ahha, that's excellent news! Nice find Nutzaboutpoker

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