How do I Allow Touch Conditions to detect EVERY click?

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  • This sounds like a dumb question, but it doesn't seem like the touch "on tap gesture on <sprite>" detects every click. If I click on lumber at a rate of 1 click (or touches) per second it ticks up my label by 1 per second. If I do it at a rate of 3 clicks per second it still seems to work fine. If I go up to 5 or 7-10 it still only detects 3ish clicks per second. This needs to detect every single click no matter how fast I click. How can I accomplish this and why does the standard "On Tap Gesture" not work?

    (See attachment to see my events configuration)

    Thanx in advance

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  • Welp. I answered my own question. An explaination of the difference would be appreciated for myself and others who might have the same problem.

    Changing the condition to "On Touched <sprite>" fixed it.

    I'll leave this post just incase someone else has this issue. Delete if necessary.

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