How do I Allow Player Edit Pixel Art

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  • So I have a sprite sheets already with images on them. Well together its one image, and its pixel art. I was curious if anyone knew a way to edit that PNG file in an app made with construct 2, and allow them to save the newly edited image? It would have to be edited pixel by pixel though, and only pieces of the sprite sheet at a time, like sections of it as each section has a different association with the i image.

    Imagine a cardboard cutout of a box template. How it looks nothing like a box when its not folded together. That is the kind of sprite it is. So it looks like a flat 3d object, and each of the sections can be colored and changed individually.

  • There is a canvas plugin that you can use to draw. The system action snapshot canvas can take a screen shot, which can then be downloaded with the browser object or saved with nw.js.

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  • It's impossible to edit a PNG file for the game in the runtime, I think. You can use the canvas plugin like oosyrag said, but if you want your player to draw something in pixel art I'd recommend the tilemap plugin.

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