How do I use AJAX/JSON on a Kongregate Game

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  • Greetings!

    I just uploaded my game to Kongregate, but it's stuck on loading. I think it's because I'm trying to reference a JSON file that is on my Bitballon server and it doesn't want to.

    I went ahead and uploaded my items.json with the game as well but I'm not sure what folder it is put in on their site, I've tried to search for the items.json on my Kongregate game but I don't know where it is located. /games/MythStylz/evolution-arena/items.json returns a blank page with [ ] on it.

    So is it possible? does anybody know where the Kongregate extra files are located? Is the JSON file just getting obliterated when I upload it?

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  • Alright, I ended up just converting my JSON into a text string and then placing it actually in Construct 2 using the JSON plugin. It's going to make updating the game a bit tougher but it will do!

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