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  • Hi good day,

    I've spent most of my time the past days, on both of my PHP and C2 codes trying to figure whats wrong and i discovered this..

    Here is the link of my ajax request:


    The output is the array data in a json format which is stored in my database, i call it to store it back to my array once request is complete. I am using INTERNET EXPLORER to debug - WHICH I SUDDENLY DISCOVERED IS NOT A GOOD CHOICE hence making this post.

    So just now, for some reason ie is not opening so i changed my preview browser to CHROME and voila, request completes and store json format to array! I even tried FIREFOX and its also working perfectly!

    So the question is, Should i stop debugging in IE?? and just choose browser?

    I have been using IE because its fast to open up, and my chrome browser have too many tabs open.. but i think ill have to deal with it now that ie sucks..?

    Thank you in advance


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  • I would say IE is pretty dead. You shouldn't go near it for construct games. and im not entirely sure if supports everything Construct can do these days.

    Also, Microsoft moved to Edge a few years ago. and even they are going to change edge to use Chromium soon, if they haven't already.

    You should stick to Firefox, Edge or Chrome for your debugging.

    and although I would love to promote Firefox over chrome it just cannot beat the brute performance of Chrome at the moment.

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