Ajax and Preloads and List Selection

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  • Hello

    I know what i would like to do but i don t know how to do that in C2...

    I get a server response and fill some information in a list (the list contains the list of levels available)

    => Fired on start of layout call a server, when reponse is success, this call a function.

    => Fired On call of the function AND There is a loop to populate the list

    The player choose the level he wants to play

    =>Fired by on selection changed

    I would like to preloads few sound needed for the next layer

    =>Fired by Audio all preloads complete

    I would like all theses actions are done, to set visible the button witch permits to go the the next layer.

    How can i wait until all is done?

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  • I look for a answer in the manual and i found only that :


    This link mention multiple condition but not with a loop.

    I think i could do that multiple condition by setting a flag but i ll set this flag n times in the loop... that seems so strange to write that...

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