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  • I have had this working at one time a while back and stopped working with C2 for a while. Am now working on another project and can not seem to get this to work again for some reason.

    I am using ajax to call up a page script that calls up the currently logged in user.

    Ajax should then return the logged in user to may game text.

    The php script is working just fine when going to the page outputting the logged in user.

    My text area will not show the output of the script. I am mot running cross domain, have tried both outside of directory and within same directory.

    Here is my code:

    1) System > On start of layout > Ajax > Request"https://site.com/loggeduser.php"(tag"nick")

    2) Ajax > On "nick" competed > Text > Set text to AJAX.LastData

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  • OK well nothing done wrong. All of a sudden started working for some reason

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