Ajax Object's problem.

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  • Hello, i'm not a web coder, so i have some problems with Ajax Understanding.

    I need get a text from some website, to operate with it in futher.

    So, i make an event of button clicking, and action of it is ajax request to url: "http://something.com/index.php" with tag "1" or "".

    then i make an event Ajax^ on completed "1", and add action like text object set text to AJAX.LastData.

    There're no changes at text object.

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  • AJAX is, is C2 or not, restricted by some rules, to protect the user. One of those rules is : no cross-domain. This means an AJAX request can only be for the same domain your game is stored on.

    If it is required to pull some information from another website, you can do it from the server, in PHP using CURL for example.

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