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  • I'd like to use AJAX to load files with information about levels created by users from server. For now I'm working on localhost to make some tests.

    Problem: I observed that time of completing request is very random. Sometimes when level is loaded for the first time take from "0" seconds up to 17(!) in localhost.

    How to observe the problem:

    -download attached file, unzip it, place somewhere in www PHP server directory,

    -open CAPX file, set server_location variable to proper path and run project,

    -write test or test2 inside TextBox and press Load button.


    1. After running project load both files and see times of loading. Reload page with F5 and try again (repeat this scenario several time and see if time changes).

    2. Reload whole project in Construct 2 and repeat 1.

    In some cases time of loading single file can be <0.5sec but sometimes it can take more than 4 seconds (observed up to 18sec).


    Why time of request is so random even on localhost? What determines the time? What can be done to make time of request quite stable and short?

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