How do I air vent physics

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  • Hi, how can i make an "air vent" where if my physics ball pass throu it and it will make it Fly.

    Sorry for my english i hope you can understand mu question

  • have you tried to create an sprite and spawn bullets from it? The bullets can have physics and will probably move another object on collision (if you apply physics on them).

    Do not put many of them tough, or you can have performance issues. just create a bunch and make them fade away or destroy outside the layout so you can keep the object count low.

    I hope it helps.

  • Thanks, i will try that... I'll let you know if it works

  • draft idea. Drag the car around.

    Was it you were looking for?

  • yes and no.

    well my idea is to have a physics ball, and it rolls on the level till it finds a "fan" in the ground that makes the ball rise in the air and can go to another plataform that is in the sky.

    the example you send was ok. but if i change the car physics "Inmobible" to "no", the game just go very very slow, and it dosnt do the same effect i want!

    so i think i need like a physics force or impulse that is all the time "on" so when my ball go thru the fan it will fly.

    but i cant make it happen!

    Sorry for my bad english.

    i hope you can understand the idea i have in mind.

  • Lol. I thought you were talking about this, bro:

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  • One method could be to have a sprite and when ball is overlapping sprite apply impulse at y.

  • yea i allready did that, but it doesnt do the effect of a fan in the floor.

    do you have any other idea?

  • the idea is that the ball can stay as long as the player wants in the "air" that is coming out of the fan.

  • I don't do much with physics, but could you do this by changing the gravity?

  • Made a quick sketch.

    When the ball is in contact with the invisible Grey box, that's where the impulse on y happens.

    That box is always there.

    At the top the ball would sort of Bob up and down floating.

  • this was uploaded a while back, can't remember by who exactly but it should be what your after

  • Have a force pushing up and an object at the top to prevent the ball to get out of the layout, like a roof. When fan is out, set gravity force higher.

    Just an idea...

  • thank you all for your help. and thanks liaeb that was exactly what i was looking for!

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