AI Movement Without Using "Every Tick"

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  • Hey, guys! Sorry if my question is kinda noobish, but i really wonder about this.

    Is there any other way to make AI move without using "Every tick"?

    I'm working on a top-down shooter game, and my enemy movement is worked well. The problem is, i want to add some mechanic when the enemy collide with the player, it'll stop the enemy movement for a while and then back to accelerate. I can't stop the movement because it's under "Every tick", even if i tell to stop movement when enemy collide with the player, it won't work.

    I wondering for other way for AI movement, beside using "Every tick" event.

    Thank you

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  • Try making use of conditions (press C on the event), it means that when something is true or set then it'll block out an event from running. So you could have movement with condition variable collideEnemy=false, so when collideEnemy=false you will move every tick. Then on collision with the enemy you set collideEnemy=true for a few seconds. This will stop the player from moving until you set collideEnemy=false again.

  • Because of your insight, now i'm using boolean variable instead of "Every tick" event to move the enemy and it works perfect when i want it to stop at collision. Thank you very much!

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